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An unplanned pregnancy can be shocking, confusing and super-stressful.  At Parkridge, we encourage you to slow down, get the facts, and get answers to some of your questions.  Do you know for sure you’re pregnant?  Is it a viable pregnancy?  How far along are you?

Each of these questions determines what type of abortion procedure you can pursue as well as the cost.  And for each of these questions, Parkridge is prepared to offer evidence-based medical education and a listening ear.

Our medical staff offers pregnancy testing and ultrasounds as well as information concerning the options you have. So, before you decide, call Parkridge at 806.794.8555.

In 2003, the Texas House of Representatives passed the Women’s Right to Know Bill (HB 15). As a result, Texas law says you have the right to be informed about abortion procedures and risks. This is your decision and no one can force you to terminate a pregnancy. Our medical staff is here to help and can review this information with you.

Confirm that you are pregnant

Before you schedule an abortion procedure, it’s important to be sure that you have a viable pregnancy. While you may be experiencing symptoms of pregnancy, it is important to have your pregnancy confirmed. At Parkridge, we provide nurse consultations, pregnancy testing, and ultrasounds- all at no cost to you.

Schedule an Ultrasound

If you’re considering abortion as an option, it is important to schedule an ultrasound. Abortion procedures that may be available to you differ based on how far along you are in your pregnancy. An ultrasound will provide that information. It will also tell you if your pregnancy is viable (i.e. a heartbeat is detected and the pregnancy is located in the uterus). If your pregnancy is not viable, an abortion would be unnecessary. Learn about our ultrasound services.

Talk to a Counselor

Deciding to terminate a pregnancy is a big decision – one that’s as emotional as it is medical.  At Parkridge, we have licensed professional counselors and client advocates available to help you process the emotions that you’re experiencing regarding your pregnancy decision.  Our desire is for you to have a safe place to talk, ask questions and make a plan–all with zero judgment.  Request an appointment with one of Parkridge’s counselors.