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Hey Mom, I'm Pregnant

Posted By: Parkridge Employee | April 12, 2021

You never thought you’d be telling your parents you’re pregnant. You never thought it would happen to you… but it is. So what now?

Take your time. If you’re pregnant and it wasn’t quite planned, take a deep breath and try not to panic. Even though you’re not the first person this has happened to (and won’t be the last), the fact that it’s your life makes it a big deal, right? Just don’t rush into a decision. You can’t change what has happened, but you can carefully consider your next step. You may feel pressure to make a quick decision. Instead, give yourself some time. Where you go from here will have a significant impact on your life. You have options, so make an informed decision. 

Share the news. Revealing your unplanned pregnancy to those closest to you can be difficult. But it’s important to let them know so you won’t have to deal with everything alone. Family members and friends may react in different ways, but open and honest communication is vital. Those who have been through a similar situation can often provide valuable support. Who is the safest person in your life? Who do you trust to help support you in making decisions and taking the next step?

Timing is important. When is the best time to break the news? How will you tell them - in person? In a handwritten note? Will you go alone or take someone with you ? Where will you tell them - at the kitchen table? In your living room? At someone else’s home? Think through the details in advance. Plan to tell your family when everyone has time to set down and talk without interruption. If possible, avoid starting the discussion late at night or early in the morning when everyone is leaving for work or school. It may take some time for your family to process this news.

Prepare yourself for their reactions. You may think you know how your family will respond, but you also might be surprised. It probably took you some time for the reality to sink in, so give them time, too. If they react with judgmental or condemning words, remind them that this is a difficult time for you and you need their support. If they try to pressure you into making a quick decision about parenting, adoption or abortion, ask them to give you time to carefully consider all your options. 

Ask yourself:

  • “Who in my life genuinely cares about me?” 
  • “How do I really feel about each of my options - abortion, adoption, parenting?”
  • “How did I feel about each option before I found out I was pregnant?” 
  • “How will my choice affect my health? My body? My future?”
  • “How will I feel about my decision one year from now? Ten years from now?

Where you go from here matters. You can come through this a stronger woman. You owe it to yourself to take time and get the facts. This is your life, your pregnancy and your future. You can do it. 

Face it together. Many people will offer advice, but it’s important to seek the wisdom and counsel of those who understand the unique dynamics of an unplanned pregnancy. Contact Parkridge for confidential and compassionate care. What you are going through is not easy. There are no simple answers. Face this situation together. Talk with each other openly and honestly, but also respect each other’s need for time and space. A family crisis has the ability to drive family members apart or draw them together. It’s not easy - but it’s possible. 

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